Edd Wellesley-Davies a.k.a. Eddscape is an Edinburgh based artist with a contemporary striking style.

He uses both traditional and modern mediums, often combining them, to create work with an original and unique look.

His work features paintings and mixed media digital prints of urban and rural landscapes.

He has 3 collections in his "Made Up" series: The original "MadeUpMovies"; the Edinburgh inspired "MadeUpRecords"; and the retro Scottish city "MadeUpBooks"

Edd is Available for Commissions and has a a diverse portfolio of work which includes logos; product labels; buisness cards; bespoke lettering; artwork for websites; murals; a bespoke map, a music album cover ...

He has created artwork and designs for The Hanging Bat Beer Cafe and Brew Co; RSPB; Alechemy Brewing & Redbox Roasters Coffee, among others.



Edd grew up in Reading and moved to Bristol to study gaining a BaHons in Fine Art from the University of the West of England.

He has since lived in London and Edinburgh and now resides in the "Honest Toun" of Musselburgh.

Edd now works full time as an artist and designer from his Edinburgh studio tucked behind the Easter Rd Stadium.