Sally Fisher is a painter and printmaker based in Leith, Edinburgh. She became a full time artist in 2013, when she set-up Salgallery.

Sally works on her collagraph prints at home, designing and creating the plates using mount card.

She makes marks with a craft knife and sometimes adds texture using anything from plaster to textured wall paper. Once the plate is finished, she applies one or two coats of waterproof varnish before printing them at the Edinburgh Printmakers using an etching press.

Sally also paints using oils, watercolour and acrylic paint at her home in Leith.

Her fabric designs are often based on the collagraph prints, which she simplifies using Photoshop editing software for printing.

She designs all her own fabrics and makes templates for mugs, cards, mirrors, notebooks and woodblocks based on her prints and paintings.