Evgeniia Balashova

Evgeniia Balashova creates precious metals and 3D printed jewellery.

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Jessie Growden

Jessie Growden creates colourful and unique laser-cut jewellery in the Scottish Borders.

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Lia B Studio

Based at The Biscuit Factory in Edinburgh, Lia B creates simple, geometric and ethical jewelry handmade with care.

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Darte Jewellery

Darte creates simple and stylish contemporary jewellery with an architectural, geometric feel. Each piece is handmade in Glasgow.

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Sheila Kerr

From her harbourside studio in Irvine, Ayrshire on the west coast of Scotland, Sheila Kerr Jewellery specialises in the design and manufacture of handmade bespoke designer jewellery for her national and international clientele.

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Marishah - Accessories and Handmade jewellery and accessories made with love, soul and character that will colour your life and will make you feel special.

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Its Uniquely Yours

I decided to sell my jewellery after positive feedback from friends and family and as a way to raise money to donate to Cancer Research UK.

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Quinta Essenza

Quinta Essenza creates Italian Jewellery Inspired by Scottish Landscapes.

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Milomade breathes new life into forgotten things, weaving together histories and materials to transform the everyday into something extraordinary and unique.

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Sleekit Beasties

Sleekit Beasties: Sterling silver jewellery inspired by a love of nature and animals.

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JoJo Blue Design

JoJo Blue Design - contemporary designs inspired by a love of colour

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Ntina Doryforou

Ntina Doryforou, based in Edinburgh, designs and creates artistic jewellery with love, sterling silver and handmade glass beads.

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Weaving science, nature, myth and storytelling, ancient methods with the new: this is the heart of Willow.

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Stacy Graham

Operating from a studio in Edinburgh, Stacy Graham Design is a small local business creating crafts and accessories.

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Dalnaskhl Design

Original jewellery designed and handcrafted in precious metals by Gillian Ryan using traditional tools and techniques.

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C. Caricco Jewellery

C. Carrico Jewellery creates beautiful handmade pieces for every style and budget.

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