Cha Cha Chain

ChaChaChain creates bespoke chainmail jewellery handmade in Edinburgh by Fraser Edmond.

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Kathryn Duncan

Kathryn Duncan's jewellery creates both contemporary luxury style and lasting artistry.

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Objectified Jewellery is the work of Akvile Su, a graduate of Glasgow School of Art. Akvile is a jeweller and designer who makes contemporary yet classic pieces. Akvile works primarily in recycled Eco silver. She aims to make her work unisex by refining shapes until they achieve an elegant simplicity which gives her work a strong minimalist aesthetic.


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Emma Cochrane Design

Emma Cochrane Design creates bespoke surface pattern design and textile prints for a range of products including soft furnishings and wearable textiles.

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Katy Morari

Katy Morari is an Animator, Illustrator and Artist based in Edinburgh.

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Olivia Rose The Label

Olivia Rose The Label is a small independent clothing label designed and handmade by Olivia Rose Havelock.

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Graceeglow is an upcycled jewellery maker and designer based in the beautiful city of Edinburgh.

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Luul is a UK based fashion brand creating elegant offbeat clothing for women. The idea started with a belief that modest dressing is empowering and a need for the comfortable, oversized and long which was simultaneously bold and unusual.

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Sandra Vick

Sandra Vick studied at Edinburgh College of Art graduating with honours, winning awards and a scholarship for further study at Masters level. She graduated with a Masters in Fine Art in 2009.

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Happy Retro Furniture

Born out of a love of colour and a passion for Mid Century design, Happy Retro was started by Jen Felton in 2012.

Working with retro pieces, contemporary designs are painted onto furniture of all shapes and sizes, embracing colour and geometric patterns.

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Michael Dawson

Michael Dawson produces vibrant works on paper, wood, mdf and canvas in an expressionist style. Intense and energetic, rich in vivid colour and heavily covered in text, stencils and bursts of texture, the works are primarily concerned with a universal experience of dichotomies, wealth vs poverty, primitive vs sophisticated, integration vs segregation, justice vs injustice and inner vs outer experience.

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Strukt creates 3D printed jewellery inspired in neo-futuristic architectural structures. Strukt investigates the possibilities 3D printing has to offer to create bold, innovative and beautiful designs.

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