Find Out More About Big Jim's Kitchen Hot Sauce

Find Out More About Big Jim's Kitchen Hot Sauce

Let’s talk a bit about your brand, tell us who you are and what you do?

I’m Jamie, Owner of ‘Big Jim’s Hot Sauce’. 

I’m the only person in the world who makes Scottish Whisky Barrel Aged Hot Sauce. I make unique award-winning condiments using casks from some of the worlds most prestigious distilleries in order to help fund mental health causes. 

My aim is to break down the stigma associated with discussing mental health & make having conversations about mental well-being as commonplace as sharing a meal.

What has been your experience of getting your products on to the high street before joining Foodies?

Honestly, bad to non-existent.

Having a small brand, it’s often been tough to find stores who will give you a chance, regardless of how good your product is. 

Many of the stores I approached told me they wanted to source products from a single larger distributor as they did not have the capacity or time to work with multiple smaller businesses.

Breaking into the high street felt unachievable without having already secured a high level of growth & success.

What differences has Foodies made to your brand/sales?

Foodies has simply been revolutionary for Big Jim’s Hot Sauce. 

Previously, I was only seeing odd orders through my online store, yet whilst working a full-time job & having a young baby, I was unable to give the business the time it required to truly grow these sales numbers & maintain this business.

 Since I started trading through Foodies, I have seen consistent sales of my products which has allowed me to re-invest back into my business and help it grow. I have also been able to achieve a level of legitimacy that can be hard for fledgling brands in my industry to gain, resulting in me being featured in publications like GQ, Tatler magazine & even The Guardian newspaper. 

The opportunity to sell through Foodies has enabled my brand to reach a new market that was previously unfeasible. 

I genuinely believe that without the opportunity Foodies has offered me, my company wouldn't be where it is today.

So far, what has your experience been selling with Foodies?

It’s honestly been outstanding. 

Every single person I have worked with at foodies has been welcoming, energetic & supportive.

I enjoy having being able to head over to the store to meet the staff & see what they think of the products; and they're always happy to share customer feedback they have received which is invaluable.

I have also felt a massive level of understanding from Foodies that as a smaller brand, I'm more susceptible to delays in my supply chain having a knock-on effect. Foodies have always been supportive and understanding, I simply cannot fault them.

What is your best-selling product? What should people look out for when visiting Foodies?

That would be my Irn Bru & Whisky Scotch Bonnet Hot Sauce. 

Having won a 2-Star Great Taste Award last year, this one seems to consistently fly off the shelf week after week!

What challenges do producers face in Scotland and how do you think we can work to overcome these?

The current economic climate is rough. Ingredients keep climbing in price, production costs are sky high & rents for commercial units are frankly unsustainable for smaller businesses. Coupled with the fact that online sales require you to gain attention in a landscape that has now become pay-to-play, it doesn't take long before budgets run out and you’re left questioning if you can even continue. 

Yet the success of Foodies makes it clear to see that the people of Scotland want, more than ever, Scottish products! Foodies makes it possible for burgeoning Scottish producers to get in front of the people who want to help support them. 

We NEED Foodies stores in EVERY region in Scotland or we risk losing more transformative Scottish brands before they’ve even had the chance to be appreciated. 

Do you have any advice to producers starting out on this journey or to any producers joining Foodies?

Find out what’s driving you & keep working towards that! 

Whether it’s the passion to showcase your amazing produce, a brand new product you’re unveiling to the market or the drive to usher in a new way of thinking about food; if you can find your ‘WHY’ and make it the cornerstone of what you do, you’ll continue collect supporters who share the passion for your product! 

There’s an amazing opportunity out there & working with the Foodies community is an amazing way to jump-start your business.

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