Discussing all things coffee with one of our most popular brands, Pure Roasters

Discussing all things coffee with one of our most popular brands, Pure Roasters

Let’s talk a bit about Pure Roasters, tell us who you are and what you do?

We roast ethically sourced coffee from our factory in Blochairn wholesale market.  Our focus is on making specialty coffee accessible and easy to understand for the new enthusiast.

What has been your experience of getting your products on to the high street before joining Foodies?

We have been very fortunate to be invited to stock a few high street retailers.  We especially enjoy Foodies because their values align with ours. 

What differences has Foodies made to your brand?

The Buchanann St Foodies store has to be one of our busier outlets and is more than worth the small amount of extra admin involved each month.  We direct a customer to the Glasgow store at least once a week. 

That's great to hear, we always see that steady increase of customers coming into Foodies looking for the specific brands they love! So far, what has your experience been selling with Foodies?

Great staff who take time to learn about the product and ask pertinent questions on behalf of their customers.  Well organised team behind the scenes.  We’re really happy to be a part of Foodies and can’t wait to see your continued growth.

Our team will be happy to hear that! What is your best-selling product? What should people look out for when visiting Foodies?

Our best selling blend is currently Space Cadet, it has a very rich and smooth flavour which mimics old school specialty coffees while using Fair Trade beans.  We also personally very much enjoy Granny Beaton’s Clootie Dumplings which are hidden gem of Scottish cuisine.

What challenges do producers face in Scotland and how do you think we can work to overcome these?

Sadly there are many variables to discuss when it comes to producing food in Scotland. For us, our main 2 issues have been the rising costs of everything and not being able to ship coffee outside of the UK since Brexit.

Do you have any advice to producers starting out on this journey or to any producers joining Foodies?

Done is better than perfect. Get up early, work hard and keep learning every day. As for joining Foodies, have a good CRM to know your stock levels and check the reports regularly.  Also take some time when delivering to chat to the shop staff, they won’t be shy if customers have been giving specific feedback.


You can find Pure Roasters in Foodies! by SDX, Buchanan Galleries. You can also visit their website here: http://www.pureroasters.com/

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