Scottish Design Exchange Edinburgh Ocean Terminal
Scottish Design Exchange Edinburgh Ocean Terminal

The Scottish Design Exchange is a not-for-profit company that supports over 300 creatives working in Scotland by selling their products commission-free, organising events, projects and exhibitions to spread the word about Scottish creative talent, and helping with digital marketing and public relations.


Unlike a regular boutique, we offer customers a huge range of curated artwork from our store in Edinburgh and Glasgow, all at an affordable price. including art, furniture, product design, jewellery and fashion, none of whom pay any commission to us at all, simply a small rental payment to uphold our large retail space. We are fighting back against high commission rates and unfair wholesale agreements. We work as a collaborative community, and do anything and everything we can to support local creative talent.


In addition to providing you with a concession and display equipment, we promote you across all social media channels, blogs, on our website, at in-house events, and in the local and national press, We also offer the opportunity to sell your products in our new online store for a global audience.


We have built a collective of artists and designers who share the rental cost of a major retail unit in a high footfall centre. We are not driven by profits, 100% of the sales price goes to the artist and designer, with no commission.  


Our income from the space rental is used to pay the staff, the cost of the unit, and to market and promote the artists and designers work. Any additional profits which are not reinvested into the business will be donated to local community projects, after year one. 


Please get in touch with information about yourself and pictures of your work, if you are interested in exhibiting with us, and we will get back to you with a joining date and further information if you are successful, or constructive feedback if you are not. Click here to contact us!