The start of the retail revolution

What if we asked a question. Our answer? A bold new concept.

We are tired of seeing Scotland’s High Streets decline in the grip of corporate greed, so we open exciting stores in the heart of Scotland's High Streets that are filled with the work of local artists and designers.  

Every penny you spend in store goes directly to those 300+ hard-working local artists, designers and creators* – some work in living rooms or kitchens, some in small or shared studio spaces. They want to create. We want them to earn a good living for their creativity.  

We are the Scottish Design Exchange, and You can help us make these changes to Scotland.

*Minus a 1% card transaction fee.

Boost our local economy – not shareholders’ pockets

We make sure the lion’s share goes to those who produce. It’s a model that’s caught the imagination of artists, shoppers, economists and the UK media.

How does it work? Each artist/designer pays a nominal rent for a display space. That rent pays for staff, marketing and upkeep. We then make sure that every penny spen in-store goes straight to the artists, designers, and producers.

We believe that retail should be a place of fairness, so we treat everyone with respect and believe in people over profit. 

Please note, that due to nature of online retailing we do charge a small commission for online sales, however, charge is purely to cover our costs of running our online shop.

That’s why we are growing. First Edinburgh, then Glasgow – who knows where’s next! On the look out for something unique for your home or a gift – make us your first port of call! We also have an online shop

Are you an artist interested in applying to sell through SDX?

We see the isolation that can come with being an artist or designer, so we create a community for you to be a part of. We know the struggles of building a business, so we offer advice and support to help Scottish brands flourish.

Learn more 

Interested in learning more about our economic model? Get in touch. We are always looking to build new collaborations and share ideas.

  • The Herald. 26 Jan 2019

    “… Scotland has a wealth of creative talent … but with no shop window for their products and services, because they can’t afford high street rents and don’t have massive marketing budgets. This model solves both problems at once.”

  • Scotsman. 10 Sep 2018

    “If you can’t beat the high street, rethink it … turn the model on its head and create a model where the artists and designers get the lion’s share of the profit.”

  • Daily Express, 31 Oct 2018

    “Scottish Design Exchange (SDX), the retail business providing a mass market showcase for arts and crafts, plans a wider roll-out of its commercially creative, commission-free format that puts producers first.”

  • Evening Times

    “Unlike most art galleries the Scottish Design Exchange (SDX) doesn’t charge commission on items sold. One of its founding artists is now stocked in 84 outlets across the country, turning over more than £350,000-a-year.”