Karen Morris - size3art

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

Why did you choose to be an artist/designer?

I’ve always been creative and practiced some sort of art/design as a hobby. It’s what makes me happy so it seemed obvious that it should be my career too.

What medium do you work in?

Mostly acrylics but I do use any medium that feels right at the time and will continue to expand on that. I’ve also recently started doing more digital art.

What's your background, have you always been an artist/designer?

I’ve always practiced art as a hobby and then a few years ago, I “woke up” and realised I should be doing what I loved as a career.

How has your practice changed over time?

Every single day, I learn something new. And I love it! I am very open to change so I think my practice will always be evolving.

What Does Your Art Mean to You? What Does your Artwork Represent?

My art means a lot to me. Most importantly, it is an example to my daughter that you can be what you want to be, you can work hard and achieve your dreams. It makes me happy.

My artwork represents many joyous feelings and emotions. It aims to bring those feelings to the viewer. And also to look good!

How and when did you start creating….?

I have always been creative, but I started doing it professionally only recently. I was working in admin, had my daughter then realised that whilst I was telling her that she could do anything, be anything – I wasn’t SHOWING her. It was the push I needed to go from wishing I could have a creative job to actually doing something about it.

How would you describe your creations?

Bright, colourful, diverse, evolving.

What inspires you?

Almost everything! Mostly feelings. For example, if I’m really happy, walking on air kinda thing, I always have the urge to “attack” a canvas! These are usually my best works. They come naturally.

I’m also inspired by other art, in all disciplines.

Where do you show / sell your art?

My art can be bought directly from me, SDX, on Etsy, in various shops and online platforms

Do you think art can have an impact in the local community?

Absolutely! It can engage people to take part in activities, it can improve the look of the locality, it can get people involved.

Who are your biggest influences?

I mainly create abstract expressionist art so I’m influenced by everything going on around me and how it makes me feel. I get inspired when I see other peoples’ art regardless of medium or style and admire the work of Elaine De Kooning, Barbara Hepworth, and Gerhard Richter, to name just a few. In life in general, my biggest influences are Mel Robbins, Tom Bilyeu and Gary Vaynerchuck, three very hard-working, sedulous and successful people. Keeping up with them on social media motivates me and inspires me.

Which current art do you think is having an impact on the world right now?

Ooh this is a hard one! I suppose graffiti art anywhere shows you what some people really think/see/suffer/want/don’t want, etc. It’s a way of anonymously getting a message across.

I also think that the presence of art in schools is so important and is having a positive impact on our kids and therefore the world.

What difference has working with SDX made to your business?

Most of all, it has pushed me to learn more about the business side of art which, although not that exciting, is a necessary part of it all. It has also helped to increase my audience which is great and a confidence booster.