Rossie Stone's Dekko Comics Making Learning Accessible - and Fun!

Dekko Comics Rossie Stone Scottish Design Exchange

Dekko Comics is revolutionising the life prospects of children who find text books

challenging or downright impenetrable by giving them the chance to excel in education.

Now, with the support of the Scottish Design Exchange community, Dekko can do even

more to make learning engaging and entertaining for many thousands of children who

struggle at school.

With over 50 schools already using Dekko comics, a growing number of UK parents

subscribing and an order book from the USA, founder Rossie Stone is now moving Dekko

readers to customised digital versions of the comics to their own reading preference. He

also wants to and promote and strengthen the wider cause of learning that’s accessible,

powerful and enjoyable. At the Scottish Design Exchange we already understand the

transformative quality of visual communication – imagine if advertising was text only – so, this is right up our street and we are extremely excited that Dekko Comics will now be on sales in both our Glasgow and Edinburgh stores.

The Learning Power of Failure

If anyone should know the power of comic learning it is Rossie. Diagnosed as Dyslexic at school, he struggled, was mocked by classmates and consistently did badly in exams. “I thought I was dumb. That’s what happens to so many children. They feel it’s their fault. That they are stupid. I don’t want to see another child go through what I did. At one stage, after an especially bad exam year in Standard Grade I was reduced to tears. My grades just did not reflect the time and effort I had put into studying. I saw my C and D grades as fails, yet I was still desperate to be able to go to university.”

Then a moment of sublime inspiration. Rossie picked the subjects he loved – art, drama and modern studies as his Highers. - and started to turn his notes into comic book form. He chopped up revision material into text boxes with images alongside. What followed is by any measure astonishing. Not only did Rossie achieve his first A in an academic subject, his results earned him a place at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design in Dundee. Specialising in animation he was able to leave university with the very skills he would go on to use to help children, like him, enjoy and benefit from learning.

Rossie’s Dekko Comics may only be in its their third year but is already made a huge splash – kids love it, Dyslexia UK love it, teachers using it love it and parents with a child struggling at school? Of course, they love it.

Dekko Comics Scottish Design Exchange
Dekko Comics are now available in our Glasgow and Edinburgh stores

“DEKKO comics allow learning to be fun, this can be an alien concept to many who either

feel school or certain subjects are miserable places where they only experience failure.

Anything that re-engages pupils builds their self-esteem and helps them reveal their

potential can only be welcomed.” Comment from the Highland Council. And, the best news of all. Research shows it works.

Paulo Aleixo, Professor of Psychology at Sheffield Hallam University says, “Our research

showed that the students that read a comic book version got more memory questions correct compared to when the same information was presented in text format alone – or in a combination of random images and text. The way comic books are structured – to include a special combination of words and pictures in a certain sequence – increases students’ ability to remember information.

Any Subject Made Accessible

For Dekko Comics the formula is clear. Whatever the subject, present it in a comic book style or an animation and you create something entertaining, absorbing and memorable. For those who have trouble with conventional learning – this could be a breakthrough as important to their education as the wheel once was to transportation. In short, Dekko Comics is proof of learning that makes the impossible possible.

Mike Stevenson, chair of the Scottish Design Exchange whose own schooling was pockmarked with failures and short-lived is in no doubt that Dekko is worth our backing.

“It’s a no brainer for me. What Rossie has started could revolutionise the Curriculum - giving children who struggle with reading and writing the same chance as their peers to excel at school. It’s not as if we don’t recognise the impact of failing to address this long-standing problem. Children who struggle with reading and writing impediments face greater life challenges, are more likely to experience mental health problems, more likely to enter the criminal justice system and less likely to fulfil their employment potential. All this is at a huge cost to the taxpayer and an even greater cost to society. Yet, many children and adults still face avoidable hurdles when it comes to progressing in and, then out of school.”

“There are many ways to learn and for every child there is a way. Dekko Comics is not the

last piece in the jigsaw – but, it is a vital leap forward.”

To find out how to support this learning revolution go to Dekko Comics’ Facebook or

LinkedIn pages or find them on Twitter – Dekko are launching a an exciting crowdfunding

opportunity on the 20 th November, details of which will posted on our website. And, any

donor will receive a special gift.