Scotland: A Magnetic Draw for Mairi

‘When Scotland came calling it was an absolute no brainer.’ says Mairi Munn, newly appointed Business Development Manager at The Scottish Design Exchange (SDX). Having just returned from a 13- year stint in Canada, Mairi has a clear message for people in Scotland. ‘You are generating more good news stories than almost any other country just now.’

‘This is a happening place and from resurgent Dundee to the to 500-mile north coast road all signs seem to be pointing towards Scotland. After 13 years in Canada, where Mairi made her mark as a journalist, voice over artist and employment counsellor from the Pacific to the Atlantic coasts, she is excited by her new role and loves the SDX concept. This is turning retail on its head by giving artists, designers and craftspeople not just access to a lucrative market but also the revenue from the sales of their products. It is an extraordinary idea, which has taken root in Leith and will soon extend into other parts of Scotland.

First it is in Glasgow where Mairi’s priorities will lie. ‘The opening of a new in a high footfall, high profile centre in Glasgow city centre is imminent and my role will be to manage that expansion and ensure that the success enjoyed in Leith is replicated. After Glasgow, who knows? But Dundee must be a hot favourite.’

Mairi is no stranger to spreading positive news across Scotland. Once a BBC producer and reporter with Scot FM she has a nose for a good story. ‘Scotland is so much more such confident, resurgent today and everywhere I turn I see energy and invention. SDX is an example of Scotland challenging the status quo and it has already proven that a retailer that gives the lion’s share to those who create and produce can thrive.’ This is just the start of an exciting journey and I am delighted to be on board.’