Son of a Cross Stitch - I still don’t think of myself as either an artist or designer.


Why did you choose to be an artist/designer?

I still don’t think of myself as either an artist or designer. Essentially, I have a hobby and I realised other people would be interested in having a go at the patterns that I was making for my own amusement. I’ve stumbled into having a small business I enjoy running based on a hobby I enjoy doing.

What medium do you work in?


What's your background, have you always been an artist/designer?

Absolutely not (and I’m still not!). My background is as an accountant, and currently I work as a Finance Manager for a design studio.

How has your practice changed over time?

I’m not even sure I know what this means! I’ve been running Son of a Cross Stitch for about 3-and-a-bit years, and in that time I’ve learned a lot – mostly that it’s only worth doing if I enjoy it (which I do!). I have moved from making my patterns in Excel which was an interesting way to start!

What Does Your Art Mean to You? What Does Your Artwork Represent?

Ah, this isn’t the time for Deep and Meaningfuls! Working on Son of a Cross Stitch has got me into a lot better place with myself, mentally, but mostly it represents mostly harmless fun. It’s escapism that can hopefully help others enjoy a bit of peaceful time, and have something funny at the end that they’re proud of.

How and when did you started creating….?

My partner got me a “cheer up” box that included a cross stitch kit with a somewhat corny motivational message. I took to it like an Irvine Welsh character to heroin and once I’d finished I looked around for another. When I couldn’t find a kit that I was really keen to stitch, I decided to design my own pattern (based on Street Fighter). It worked well enough, so I kept going!

How would you describe your creations?

Sweary nonsense!

What inspires you?

Mostly it’s what I think would look funny in stitches, be it rude or absurd. I’m usually influenced by what I’m consuming at the time: music, gaming, food, or geekdom.

Where do you show / sell your art?

I sell in SDX Edinburgh and Glasgow, and online through Etsy.


Do you think art can have an impact in the local community?


Who are your biggest influences?

I find it hard to pinpoint, as my designs are influenced by the music, games, shows and books I consume. I’ll say my biggest single influence is my partner, as I find myself trying to impress her!

Which current art do you think is having an impact in the world right now?

I’ll leave this question mostly to the real artists at SDX, however I do believe games are often art and see more and more evidence of the medium helping people explore areas previously primarily tackled by the traditional art disciplines.


What difference has working with SDX made to your business?

Firstly, SDX has given me the chance to increase my market and sales while testing new patterns and methods (see my cross-stitched vinyl).

Secondly, and where SDX really stands apart from other shops, is the overwhelming support I have received over the years with them from the staff. They’ve often given me great advice, and the motivation and confidence to keep going. It’s been invaluable to me setting up the business.