Spoon Seeker - My crafts are describe as cheerful, colourful.


Why did you choose to be an artist/designer?

To be completely honest (and a bit cheesy I supposed) but; I didn't choose it, it chose me.

What medium do you work in?

I work mainly with oil paint, homemade glazes, linocut prints, mixed media which often contains compressed charcoal, ink, oil pastels, silicon, chalk... the list is endless. When I craft then I lean towards wool, buttons and hama beads for my pixel designs.

What's your background, have you always been an artist/designer?

I've been studying art for the past 10 years, however being creative is something that I was raised with since childhood. I've always considered myself a creative soul in one way or another. Be it writing my own stories to illustrating them, crotcheting it's creatures to now painting them. I can't even imagine a life without creativity.

How has your practice changed over time?

My art education gave me a base to work from, and since I've been working on my own for the past 4 years my practice has become more refined and expanded into all directions. I can see how my work has grown over the years, knowing that I have so much more left to learn.

What Does Your Art Mean to You? What Does Your Artwork


Art means the world to me. It's my life blood, therapy and save place. As I grow older I feel like my art grows and breaths with me, and hence represents and expresses the universe as I perceive it.

How and when did you started creating….?

During my childhood I was rarely found without crayons, pens and paper. My parents always supported my creative outburst, even if it meant having to repaint entire walls that were just freshly painted...

How would you describe your creations?

When it comes to my art I would describe them as Nebulas, glimpses into mysterious mirror worlds that function like Rorschach pieces. I like to think it makes people dream for everyone sees something different in them. While my crafts I'd describe as cheerful, colourful, illustrations of my childhood memories come to life.

What inspires you?

Everything does in it's own way or another. Be it nature, the highlands, city life and it's people, to stories, stars, experiences and the colours in a sky at sundown. Everything breaths.

Where do you show / sell your art?

I sell my art with The Scottish Design Exchange as well as privately. I vend at various art and crafts market throughout the year, such as the Christmas Market at Out of the Blue Drillhall.


Do you think art can have an impact in the local community?

Absolutely. It helps brighten up life a little, meet new friends and be creative together. There nothing as important as a stable community where you are allowed to fully rejoice in all things creative with like minded people.

Who are your biggest influences?

My influences lie first and foremost with old and new masters, such as Vincent van Gogh, William Turner, William Blake, Frank Auerbach, Anselm Kiefer; to the more abstract, such as alchemy, human anatomy, x-rays, nebulas and the universe. I adore more mordern artists such as Mike Mignola, Daniel Danger, Nicola Samori, Harry Ally; as well as video game art ranging from retro to new.

Which current art do you think is having an impact in the world right now?

I feel like there is another big art movement coming our way, as the world isn't all that happy right now. It seems to me like it's becoming more straight forward and often brutally honest, expressed in a way that shows the obscure natative of the so called 'modern world'.


What difference has working with SDX made to your business?

SDX has given me the opportunity to build up my career as a self employed artist. It has given me the chance to strive and expand my art practice. It feels great to be around like minded people who support me. It has most certainly changed my life for the better.