The Christmas Gift that Keeps on Giving

Updated: Dec 14, 2018

Each ring of our till makes a positive social impact.

The political backdrop of Brexit and the mood of uncertainty this has generated seems to have hit pre-Christmas retail sales. But, at SDX people seem to be warming to our promise that each purchase they make at one of our stores has an impact far beyond the ringing of the till.

From pumping money into the local economy to empowering women in North Glasgow and giving homeless people the chance to be creative, productive and learn vital skills - SDX gifts really do keep on giving.

First, every penny spent goes directly to the 300+ artists and makers that display in our shops. In the past year alone that amounts to over £400,000 into the local economy and into the hands of people whose talents would either remain unrecognised or would be subject to crippling commission rates.

Ocean Terminal’s investment of faith pays off.

The Scottish Design Exchange's flagship store at Ocean Terminal

Since Leith’s Ocean Terminal showed the vision to take a risk with us three years ago we have paid out over £1.2milllion to artists based in Scotland. Without their faith in us, we wouldn’t have opened a second store in Glasgow.

The story doesn’t end there. Ten social enterprises working across Scotland are also benefiting from the Scottish Design Exchange. The £30,000 that has gone into their bank accounts really does go a long way.

Take small North Edinburgh Timebank which enables a group of women aged 35 – 88 with various health conditions to gather together and knit. Their wares are now selling at the Scottish Design Exchange in Leith.

“It’s just fabulous. The change in people’s lives is astonishing. Not only have they escaped the clutches of social isolation, they now produce and sell. Their lives have been totally invigorated!”

- Heather Yang, Founder of North Edinburgh Timebank

Construction is ship-shape at GalGael's in Glasgow

In the heart of Goven in Gasgow, GalGael’s sizeable workshop is giving men who have fallen on hard times a place of work where they can learn and use practical skills. From boat-building to Celtic art – they are carving out new opportunities for people who would otherwise be forgotten. So far they have helped 951 people, built 28 boats and found new markets across Scotland with their range of wood based products.

Since they started selling at the Scottish Design Exchange their reputation has widened and their earnings boosted - almost £1500 in 2018 alone.

“SDX gave us a fantastic opportunity by offering us a prestigious outlet to sell in. All the guys here are so, so appreciative of that. Thanks so much for the great work you are doing.”

- Alan Torrance, GalGael

At msmissmrs, a project that does an amazing job of empowering women in North Glasgow, Christmas sales of their signature Empowerment pants at SDX alone are going to make a far-reaching impact. Founder Sylvia Douglas explains:

“We have struck up a partnership with a local primary school to work with a group of 10 young mums- most are lone parents struggling with life’s challenges. Our sales at SDX are so great that we already know that the revenue we get from Christmas sales will cover the costs of this programme - including meals and transport. The impact that will have on these women and their children is incalculable. So many organisations have promised support and not delivered. SDX is totally different. They promised and they delivered. We have been given a professional sales platform in brilliant retail environments and sales are beyond our wildest expectations. Thank you so, so much on behalf of the many women who have and will benefit from the opportunity you have given us.”

The moral of this wee Christmas tale is this: don’t spend where your money goes to shareholders when you can buy from two shops that really do ensure that each penny you spend creates a cascade of benefits.

Buy a gift that keeps on giving.