Super Easy Gardening: No planting required. Bee and Butterfly friendly.


Just place seedballs on top of soil in pots, or scatter in garden beds or bare soil. Each handmade seedball consists of clay, seeds, compost and chilli powder. Clay protects seeds Compost encourages growth Chilli powder repels insects.


SOW & WRAP Native wildflower seedballs & Beeswax Wrap

After using seedballs , unfold pouch, and you now have an eco-friendly 28cm square Beeswax Wrap to use instead of plastic wrap.


Wildflowers help save the bees

Beeswax Wraps help save the seas.

Contents -Beeswax Wrap + 10 Seedballs

Granny Beeswax Wrap | SOW & WRAP Native wildflower seedballs & Beeswax Wrap

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