Aiblins is a selection of new (previously unpublished and recently written) Scottish political poetry published in 2016 by Luath Press. The poems in this collection reflect the tumultuous, rapidly evolving nature of contemporary Scottish politics. They also stand as a testament to the deep engagements poets are making with the political landscape today, not only by reflecting on current events through their work but also by issuing provocations which reframe and challenge conventional assumptions.


The poems in this collection are written in English, Scots, and Gaelic and reflect themes including the refugee crisis, the independence debate, environmental concerns, Scottish exceptionalism, and how Scotland's remarkable history and internationalism bears on its present. 


Edited by Katie Ailes and Sarah Paterson, with a foreword by David Kinloch and a concluding essay by Robert Crawford. 

Katie Ailes | Aiblins: New Scottish Political Poetry

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