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Science for Heretics

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Science is everywhere, our medicines, our transport, what we eat and drink. Like it or not, we can't make real progress without it. There's just one dilemma ... What if there are profound problems with all aspects of scientific theory and methods?
Could it be that the idea of universal laws underpinning reality is a falsehood and, as a result, we need more and more scientists, and more and more computing power, to produce greater and greater elaborations of our theories to make them fit inconvenient experimental data? 
We're being forced to break science down into smaller and smaller sub-specialities, each with ever more divergent theories applicable only to one speciality and not applicable to others. Rather than an underlying unity we are finding only disparity and greater complexity. What's worse, scientists are routinely having to resort to completely untestable concepts, such as many more spatial dimensions and infinite universes, to 'explain' our reality. Throughout the history of science, reputable figures in science and philosophy have been casting doubt on some of the central assumptions of science and its various disciplines.
For the first time, we have a book that dares to summarise these profound concerns in a way that is accessible to the general reader, who lacks a scientific background. It also provides  a warning to Mankind of the risks we run by not acknowledging the, often, hollow foundations on which science is built.


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